Family Photography

Flourish Through The Camera Lens

Artin Photography has been capturing your Maternity and Newborn baby photographs for years now. We want to be more than that. We’d love to be part of your life’s journey. We now offer Family Photography. We’ve built significant and loving relationships with you over the years. It brings us happiness to watch your families flourish through the camera lens.

Local to Vancouver or from the adjacent suburbs, I’d love to capture your family’s emotions and style. Scroll down below and get to know more about my style, sessions, and many client photos!

Reliving Moments Again And Again

We believe in capturing those invaluable relationships and memories with the people you love to be rewarding that we could ever have. Our family photographer will capture your family’s uniqueness, fun, emotion, and love to be treasured forever. It would be a matter of seconds that you can look upon these portraits and relive them forever.

It’s not a portrait, it’s an Emotion

Capturing your family’s mood and theme allows you to tell stories using photos that are farmable. You want your emotion to be infectious and bring happiness to those who see your family portraits. You want to relive and experience that emotion all over again. We help you capture those moments so you can relive them again and again.

Simple Sessions, Perfect Ingredients

Being a Maternity and Newborn baby photographer means capturing real moments, emotions, and interactions. Yeah, it’s mostly posed, but much more fun than regular photography sessions. All enjoy seeing how easy the session was. I still do “posed” photo shoots, but I try to capture the natural interaction and fun moments. These sessions have a lot of hugging, tickling, and playing around.

What’s included?

  • Phone meeting to answer all your questions
  • Planning your session(s)
  • Style and preparation guidance
  • Outdoor or Studio photoshoot(s)
  • A picture gallery within 7 days to choose from
  • Print-ready digital pictures
  • Custom prints

A Day-in-the-Life

Family photoshoot gives you moments and not just poses. We’ll talk beforehand to select the time, activity, and location for the shoot. You can choose anything from a walk at the beach or going to the local fair/park. Once we are there, I’ll be snapping away allowing you to enjoy your time together. It’ll be mostly candid photo shoots. Nevertheless, I may ask you to look at the camera and pose for that perfect family shot. These sessions typically can last an hour or two.

We won’t rush your session​!

We understand that you have a busy life and it’s a bit challenge to fit a photo session in your schedule. So we do our best to run your session as smooth as we can.


If you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera or the kids need directions, this might be the style for you. It’ll be like movie direction. I’ll be helping you with the poses, where to look, how to look and prompting you. I know each and every family is unique. Some kids are shy while others have high energy. As needed, I’ll let your family be themselves, or tone it down if they feel overwhelmed. I know the importance of being a photographer who makes you and your family feel comfortable.

I want you and your family to feel comfortable so I can take candid pictures that you’ll treasure for generations to come.

Family Session Pricing:

From experience, we know that photography shouldn’t be rushed, especially when it involves families with busy kids. Our session times are flexible depending on how the session is going, we want to ensure that we have enough time to capture the right moments and never want you to feel rushed or stressed during your photography session.

Professional Family Photographer Serving Vancouver and Coquitlam, BC

What better way to celebrate and capture the love in your family than some beautiful family photographs from Artin! Our highly experienced and skilled photographers are highly experienced in creating beautiful, highly personalized photographs and immortalize special moments that tell the story of your family.

Whether it’s a long-due reunion, a 70th birthday, the arrival of a baby, or just a simple weekend family get-together, you can rely on us to record the moments beautifully so you and your family can treasure them for many years to come!

Moreover, we do everything we can to make sure our photography sessions are fun and exciting experiences for the whole family. We’ll work closely with you and help you come up with ideas for the session to ensure that the photographs we take show your family’s love and bond in the best possible manner.

To schedule a family photoshoot, or to learn more about our family photography services, get in touch with us today!

Family Photo Shoot Process

While booking your session, we’ll schedule a phone call. This way, I’ll be able to gather more information about your family, you, and what exactly you’re searching for. You might already have an idea of the type of photo session you want, it’ll be helpful to talk about it. This helps in noting down the main details such as the best time, the location settings, the things to do, or managing your children and more.


Once you’re comfortable booking our photoshoot services, you should call or email me and let me know the details. I will send you a proposal containing the details of the shoot and other things. It will also contain my rescheduling and privacy policies. You can go over these and get back to me with any questions that you may still have. A deposit invoice will be included, which will be adjusted towards the package that you would be choosing. After signing the agreement document and paying the deposit, you’re all set to go.

Dress Code

The most important question – what should me and my family wear to the shoot? Don’t stress about this too much. For the day-in-the-life of family shoot, whatever you wear on a regular basis is just fine. There are no special dresses or occasions to cater to. Just keep it authentic and simple. I would recommend keeping a neutral color palette such as gray, white, blue, cream, or beige. You can also look to mark contrasts in choosing alternating color shades within the same color palette. But it is important to avoid Stripy and checkered patterns as they tend to get the camera out of focus.

Size & Style

What sizes should you wear. Dresses that fit are always central to any photography shoot. Avoiding clothes that don’t fit and that are oversized is the best. You should avoid them even if they are trendy. Custom-tailored clothes make your figure wonderful. If you’re unsure what size or style you look best in, there are great guides on Pinterest here and here. Timeless pieces with classic cuts that flatter your shape work best. If you’re really struggling, let me know. I’m happy to create a look-board of suggestions to help!

How About Kids

I have been around a lot of kids to know that it will not work out the way you want it to go. There are times when kids will be the sweetest little things they are, to times when they just implode a dozen times. I always keep a bag of tricks and treats to pull through the photo session. I also try to comfort toddlers, kids, and children to the best so there are no meltdowns by weaving in their daily schedules.


Most of the times, I try to take photo sessions keeping in mind that it has to be loose and not tight. There is always an element of uncomfortableness while posing for the camera, even in adults. Sometimes your family will feel pressured to look or pose in a certain way. The main aim of a family photo session is to have you interact with your family and keep it simple.


“A day in the Life” session is always candid, and will involve me taking pictures of whatever fun activity or daily activity you are doing. I will try to document your interactions with your family candidly. For traditional photographs I will be asking you to pose in a certain way.

Casually Professional

There are times when the main person or one or more of your family members are not big fans of taking pictures. I understand this wholeheartedly. In such cases, I try to make these sessions painless and fun for everybody. During these sessions, there is no set agenda for taking portraits or photos. Most times, I’ll be playing with your child, running along with your dog, or tenting with your 10-year-old. It will be mostly casual, but I’ll try and weave in your style, theme, emotion, and activities.

Family Photo Shoot – After Processing

I know it’s hard to hold back, especially when we are in the digital age. I’ll upload your photos to an online gallery within a week of the session. After I have received your selections for retouching / editing, I’ll provide them to you within three weeks.

If you give me your permission, I’ll use some of your photos on my website. I’m hoping you’ll allow me, but there’s no compulsion. I’ll go over it with you when that time comes. I’ll only be using the ones you are comfortable sharing with the world.