Maternity, Life’s Biggest Miracle

We love working with you and be a part of

Your incredible journey

Maternity Photography

Maternity is an extraordinary period in a soon-to-be mother’s life. This is the perfect time for you and your family to bond over and take care of your growing baby. Your journey starts even months before you hold your baby in your caring hands. We help you document this important period in your family’s history. Our maternity photography sessions are aimed at preserving all of the joy, excitement, and love that you experience in your pregnancy.

The Amazing Journey

This is an exceptional time to show off that great growing baby belly of yours. Each pregnancy is specific and special. Personalized photography, for some, only happens once in a lifetime. We feel it is important we help you cherish these moments with your loved ones, family members, friends and/or pets.

The Best Time

For Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

Our photography sessions are inspired to preserve the joy, the excitement, and the love that you experience throughout pregnancy. We recommend having your pregnancy photoshoot session between the sixth and eighth months. Your baby bump will have a great round shape, which makes it perfect for taking photos. At this point in time, the expectant mother is feeling and looking her best, confidence is the key in order to get the best maternity photography.

Maternity Photography sessions should be done between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. Try to avoid times around 35 weeks, as most women feel uncomfortable and there may be unusual swelling.

One of the Leading Maternity Photographers Serving Vancouver and Coquitlam, BC

Here at Artin Photography, we just love what we do! We cherish the opportunity to capture the love, wonder, and excitement a families feel at the impending arrival of a baby. We understand what an amazing time motherhood can be, and we adore being able to photograph new mothers or mothers-to-be in their homes surrounded by family and loved ones. With every photography session, our aim is to immortalize your first memories of motherhood and turn them into treasured heirlooms that your family will love and cherish forever! Whether you want photographs set outdoors while you’re surrounded by your loved ones or a more intimate photography session, you can rely on Artin Photography to deliver the very best. Rest assured your memories will be preserved in the most beautiful, timeless, and elegant way.

To schedule a session or to learn more about our maternity photography services, get in touch with us today!


We work with you to frame multiple Pregnancy poses and help you to prepare for those in the most comfortable way. Maternity shoots, for the most part, are presented in full length with clear and strong lighting to help accentuate all of the beauty of your body.

If you are feeling unconformable showing your full figure, we will adapt to taking pictures of partial bumps or the way you want it done. We want to make your experience with us positive and give you picturesque, aesthetic, and long-lasting photos.

We will make sure that you are comfortable throughout your sessions.

Unique Outfits

We have a wide range of maternity outfits in various colors and styles. Most of them are unique to our studio as they are designed and tailored by us.

Flexible Schedule

Sometimes life get busy and things do not go as you expected. We understand that and will work with you to set a time that fits your spouse schedule too.

Siblings are welcome

We believe siblings are an important part of the maternity sessions. Having them while you are posing will give them great confidence and creates a stronger bond between them and the coming baby.

We won’t rush your session​.

We understand that as expecting mom you are dealing with lots of pressure and stress. So we do our best to run your session as smooth as we can.

Maternity Session Pricing:

We customize our photography sessions to reflect your individuality and expressive style. We, at Artin Photography, have always strived to create an easy and soothing feeling, all the while capturing various artistic portraitures. We pride ourselves in being able to capture the best and ideal moments with incomparable positions for creating maternity portraitures that are lovely, close, and passionate. We will help you with your hairstyle, poses, and use our photography expertise in lighting and photo-editing for bringing out the complete you!

Maternity Photo Session Best Tips

  • Be Simple
  • Confidence is key
  • Bring your spouse
  • Bring a couple of your favorite dresses to change into
  • Sentimental outfits make photoshoots memorable
  • Be creative and natural with your poses
  • We can do outdoor and/or indoor shoots
  • We are comfortable wherever you feel comfortable
  • And finally, Enjoy the photoshoot to the fullest

Building Confidence

Your feeling is important

Prior to shooting we will meet with you to go over the goals of your Pregnancy Photoshoot. We believe that everyone is beautiful and always enjoy working with expectant mothers. We encourage that you should have your hair and makeup done prior to your maternity photography session as it helps to remove glare, and looks much cleaner in the final images.

Joy and happiness is what maternity photography means to us. We help you in memorializing this extraordinary time with loved ones. Each and every pregnancy is treasured and cherished. We also help you commemorate your pregnancy using a picturesque photoshoot of this amazing time.

What Is The Next Step?


The earlier you book your session the better chance you’d have to choose your desired time. We recommend scheduling in advance (Between 28-32 weeks) so that we can ensure availability. We will help you with consultations for your maternity sessions using various styles and any other requirements that you may have in mind.


When you’re booking your session, we schedule a short call for answering any questions that you might have. This will help us to tailor your personalized pregnancy photoshoots. During this call, we’ll go over your pregnancy stage, choice of dresses, locations, likes, and dislikes. After this, we’ll choose an appropriate time/location (For outdoor shoots) that truly fits your maternity photo idea for your session.


For your baby bump photo session, we can gather at the predetermined location (Weather permitting) before sunset or you can alternatively come to our studio. Sunset photo shoots are deliberately chosen for its beautiful sunlight. You can also choose a time that suits you the best and which is appropriate to your time schedule.


During the maternity shoot, we will capture your baby bump beauty. We encourage you to bring outfits and items related to your culture and background to use in the session. There is no need for you to purchase expensive maternity gowns. We have a great collection of dresses for you to choose from. Your spouse and older children can participate in this golden hour.


We work together to do your session smoothly and will try to take all the shots before you get tired. It would be best to arrive on time or a few minutes early. If you have toddlers, please do not arrive early as they are picky and fidgety. It’s not that serious, but you would be running behind them to get their attention and sit in one place. This would result in you losing your energy before the photo shoot even begins. It’s always a good idea if you arrive first and then your spouse brings them later when you are done with primary shots.


When your pregnancy photo shoots are complete, you can select customized print and gift ideas for keepsake. Select your choicest photos and create memorabilia for your family and friends. We have a wide selection of photo formats for you to select and print. These include different sizes ranging from wall clings to canvases and even large format cute maternity prints.


We will send you the initial “Preview gallery” right after the session (usually in a day or two). Through the provided link you will have access to all images to choose from. The images you choose will be ones that we fully edit for your customized delivery.


We generally take about two to three weeks to edit and retouch selected photos. We will intimate you once your photo gallery has been prepared. We will then send them to you through Dropbox or other available tools.